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What is the registration Fee for Aadhar Card Enrollment?

Hey Pals, we all know by know how important it is to have an Aadhaar Card issued. But have you still not yet issued your Aadhaar Card? Are you not doing this because you are fearing how much it may cost and all that bullshit staff? Then lemme clear all your doubt and surprise you a bit. What if I say Aadhaar Card registration is free of cost! Yea, you heard it all right.


But some deceits may ask you for money for registration, but don’t give them as you can register your e-aadhaar easily online and download it and print it online which is too free, except the printing cost.

What to do in case someone is asking for Money in order to register your Aadhaar Card?

Well, many such cases occurs and if the same is with you then immediately complain about that person in the nearest police station. As because according to Indian Government, Aadhaar Card Registration is completely free of cost.

Hope you enjoyed reading your article and won’t leave the person roam out free if he/she ask for money. If you feel our article really helped you a lot then do share this to help us get socializing this content . Also your sharing could help your friend from getting cheated.

Updated: November 12, 2016 — 11:28 pm

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